Conference Organization

3-month KITP programs:

One-of conferences:

Quantum Information in Quantum Gravity Conferences:

Benasque Workshops:

These are held every two years in the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual in Benasque, Spain.
The next GR workshop is planned for summer 2017.

Fundamental Physics UK:

The “fpuk” was set up as an annual series of meetings covering topical issues in theoretical physics, with the aim to bring together the national community for an informal meeting, designed to encourage discussion and collaboration.

  • Nov. 2011: Cambridge, UK, fpuk v4.0
  • Nov. 2009: Cambridge, UK, fpuk v3.0
  • Nov. 2008: London, UK, fpuk v2.0
  • Nov. 2007: London, UK, fpuk

ICTP Workshop:

Sessions within a larger conference:

  • parallel session (D2) on “Strings, branes, entanglement, AdS/CFT, and all that” for the 21st International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR21, held in 2016)
  • Session on “Higher Dimensions, Holography and Supersymmetry” at the General Relativity and Gravitation – A Centennial Perspective conference, State College USA (2015)