Conference Talks

Here is a partial list of my conference talks and departmental colloquia since 2007, listed in reverse chronological order, many of which are online:

Departmental Colloquia

Here are departmental colloquia I’ve given in the recent past:

  • Holographic Entropy Relations
    Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Golm, Germany (Sep 2019)
  • Black Holes, Holography, and Entanglement
    Stanford Physics Department Colloquium, Palo Alto, CA (Apr 2019)
  • Black Holes, Holography, and Entanglement
    UBC Physics & Astronomy Department Colloquium, Vancouver, Canada; Apr.5, 2018
    U. of Victoria Physics & Astronomy Department Colloquium, Victoria, Canada; Apr.4, 2018
  • Spacetime, holography, and entanglement
    UC Davis Philosophy Department Colloquium, Davis, CA, USA; Apr.5, 2016
  • Entanglement and Geometry
    MIT LNS Colloquium, Cambridge, MA, USA; Mar. 2014
  • From Black Holes to Fluid Holograms
    Brandeis U. Physics Department Colloquium, Waltham, MA, USA; Feb. 2014
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  • Fluid Hologram of a Black Hole:
    UCSB Physics Departmental colloquium, Santa Barbara, CA, USA; Apr. 2012