My main research interests lie in the area of string theory and quantum gravity. In particular, much of my past work focused on gravitational aspects of string theory, mostly in the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence.

Recently I have co-developed the Fluid/Gravity correspondence, which relates a certain class of generic black hole solutions of general relativity to lower-dimensional fluid flow solutions to hydrodynamics. For a brief introduction intended for General Relativity audience, you can see the transcript from my 1-hour plenary lecture at the 19th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation in 2010, and for a more detailed review see the chapter (earlier online version appears here) on fluid/gravity correspondence in the book on Black Holes in Higher Dimensions, ed. by Gary Horowitz.

Even more recently, I have been interested in links between entanglement and geometry. The covariant holographic entanglement entropy proposal not only gives a valuable entry to the AdS/CFT dictionary, but provides new insights into the fundamental nature of spacetime, hinting at intriguing relations to quantum information theoretic constructs. I have recently been awarded a Grant from FQXi to explore these connections further; (see here for a popular article describing the project).

A more comprehensive review of some of my past work, among many other advances toward understanding dynamics of strongly coupled field theories and quantum gravity, can be found in the recent paper “A Holographic View on Physics out of Equilibrium” and in the chapter “The AdS/CFT Correspondence” published in ‘Milestones of General Relativity’ focus issue of CQG for the Centenary Year of GR.  A more popularized account, focused on the role of black holes in these advances, is in my public talk “Illuminating Black Holes” at the World Science Festival in 2017.


You can find most of my papers using the inSPIRE HEP search engine, in the following publication list.


You can see a partial list of my conference talks and colloquia, many of which are online, here.

Summer school lectures

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